A mixed media piece

A mixed media piece

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Little Spell Book

Hi everyone sorry its been a while getting in a working
routine again and working out how to 
craft alongside. 

This is a little book that hasn't been filled yet, I thought
 I would call it the Little spell book as Halloween 
will soon be upon us.


This was made from a children's story book that I altered by peeling 
of the cover and glueing different pieces to it.


massofhair said...


Am going to ask... what did you attach to get such depth and textures and what paints did you use, please...

Would love this Book Of Spells, very Harry Potter. Maybe you could make a wand to go with it! :-) xxx

craftytrog said...

Gorgeous textures and colours Dee!

butterfly said...

Stunning textures - and such beautiful vivid colours - a joy!
Alison xx