A mixed media piece

A mixed media piece

Monday, 9 March 2015

A Present For A Friend

Hi everyone! thank you for popping by today and I hope you are all well!
I am recovering from a recent op so am laid up at home.

So need to take my mind of the pain what is better than 
catching up on some crafting.

I made a similar plaque for the Artistic Stamper creative team
back in January and my son's girlfriend fell n love 
with it.

Her favourite colour is green so I decided to make one for her
so here it is in lettuce green.

Same technique as before just different colour wash as in previous post.

Lots of treasure gold and triple embossing.

Sequins galore!!!

I hope she likes it let me know what you think?
Cheers Dee x


Pamellia Johnson said...

Gorgeous Dee! An amazing metal effect, love the bling body! What a mixed media work of art! :)

Carol said...

Wow no wonder your sons girlfriend fell in love with it - GORGEOUS - love all the textures and colours - yummy Sending gentle hugs and positive vibes for a speedy recovery post- op xx

die amelie said...

How beautiful, Dee!
She will adore it!

Wishing you a quick recovery!
Claudia xx

Nan G said...

What's not to Love! It's gorgeous! I'm tracking back to find the other post to see how you did this! Move slowly and rest and you'll be up and running in no time. Warm hugs!

Sue said...

Hello Dee,
You have obtained a rich and metallic look, that is very attractive to the eye. It is a beautiful piece of work.

massofhair said...

Hope you feel much better very soon Dee, do rest as well as play won't you!

Fantastic gift for your Son's Girlfriend i bet she is in 7th Heaven :-) xxx