A mixed media piece

A mixed media piece

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Rusty Heart Deco Art Play

Hi everyone I hope you are all well! I have a post today that is very photo heavy.
I have been playing with Deco Art media texture pastes and 
mediums. I have got to say I love them!
Firstly I cut out a heart from foam board and wrapped wire round it.
next i used a small paler knife and applies crackle 
paint to the top of the heart.
Next came the texture sand paste then I left a gap, then texture paste which
 I pressed micro beads into and finally texture crackle paste.
all were from the Deco Art Media range.
Photo of the finished heart the bit I left blank I filled with clear
embossed swirl.
Deco art media fluid acrylics Quinacridone gold, Paynes grey, Titan Buff,
Prussian Blue Hue & Cobalt turquoise.
I used Andy skinners stencil and used Titan Buff through the stencil
a dirty wash applied over the top.
I coloured some card that I had coloured with distress inks which
I then sealed with deco art ultra -Matte varnish.
Andy Skinners stamps were used to stamp the clock image.
A close up of the crackle corners.
Another showing of the depth of the canvas.
I used Andy's industrial stamps with archival ink and Titan buff.
I used antiquing creams in burnt umber which I knocked back.
I used interference turquoise rubbed over the crackling with
my finger.
I cannot recommend The Deco Art Media lines enough the colours
 & vibrancy are amazing, the texture pastes and varnish's 
are a dream to work with. 
The low price is 
another great benefit of these products.
Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me 
know what you think.
Cheers Dee x


mayoori jain said...

This is soooo cool. Thanks for the tutorial

suzieq23 said...

Dee I just love your art piece. In fact, I am going to take your recipe for the heart and try it myself as well as the cool background. I just purchased all the deco art products you used and just waiting for something like this to start using it. I have most of Andy's stencils and stamps except the the one with the big numbers. (on my list) I just started following you and love your style. The piece from 7/4 I am also drawn to and copied down your step by step. Hope you don't mind. I don't sell anything I make, I just put it up in my "Sue-Dio" (my name is Sue) to make me smile and admire (if it turns out to my liking). So again, thanks and please keep sharing.

Kathy Bradley said...

A gorgeous piece I saw on Facebook and had to come over to check it out further. Thank you for the steps and products. I have heard several people rave over the Deco Art lines - and after seeing your work - I will be purchasing the products. I love this piece - it is perfect!

Sam Lewis said...

Incredible! I adore DecoArt also and really love working with them! Your piece is just to die for xxSAMxx

Erin Stewart said...

This is so epic! I love how it turned out. The best part is I have all these products! lol I really like the addition of the wire. xx

Maura Hibbitts said...

Awesome piece!! I really must check out the Deco Art stuff!

Damarys said...

Your work is incredible and I am in awe...mixed media art is something I want to learn and explore soon, as I've been busy purchasing all kinds of things! You are an inspiration...

Hazel Agnew said...

Yummy scrummy love this! x