A mixed media piece

A mixed media piece

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

spring has sprung over at tando.

A big thank you to Gez who post her lovely project yesterday to help me
out as we had lost our internet and I couldn't load up
my post. Pop over to the Tando blog to see the how to.
That's all for today folks thanks for popping by.
Cheers Dee X

Friday, 22 April 2016

Kate Crane inspired art Over at The Artistic Stamper

Hi Everyone I have for you today a sneak peek of
my latest post over at The Artistic Stamper.
It is inspired by Kate Crane's art work,
Why not pop over and check it out also the dates of her 
That's it for today folks.
Cheers Dee X

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Anything goes over at Tando

Hi everyone Dee here with my next post over at the 
Tando creative Blog & For those of you
 who were at ministry I apologise that you 
are seeing this piece again.

Why not pop over to the Tando blog and join in with
 this months challenge,
Cheers Dee x

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saturday Afternoon's play

Hi everyone had a play yesterday afternoon after coming back
from Ministry of Mixology and had a lovely time
using Kate's technique's.
 I was very lucky to do the running in her class on the Sunday
so listened very carefully and hoped that my mind would 
behave and remember how she created her
note book.
I must add that in itself is no mean feat as my family say I 
have a memory of a goldfish "How Rude" I alway's think
 while secretly agreeing with them.
 But luckily while waiting for my train home from Coventry 
I jotted down the steps.
 Kate gave me a page from the notebook that she had been demonstrating 
to the class for me to refer to how lucky am I.
So now I have A Any Skinner original and a Kate Crane original 
in my art room.
Well that's it for today hope you like my efforts I think it might
 be a bit busy but I like it anyway and loved the creative
 process it is very therapeutic.
Cheers Dee x

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Watercolours Over at Tando

 Hi everyone Dee here with my piece for this weeks challenge
use water colours over at Tando Creative. 
Thats it for today why not pop over to the Tando blog to see the
step by step and join with us in the challenge.
Cheers Dee x

Friday, 15 April 2016

An Altered Box For The SASPC Challenge

Hi everyone Dee here with my latest post for the SASPC monthly 
challenge. I have an altered wooden box from left over
Christmas Confectionary.
I started by gessoing the whole box followed by stencilling the 
words & pattern to the corner of the lid with with modelling
 medium next a coat of black acrylic paint.
Once dry I applied weather wood in area's this is done to increase 
the size of the crackle.
Next a coat of crackle paint all over the cover and put
aside to dry
Meanwhile all the Boozybear pieces I coated in powdered rust.
apart from the clock which I used Deco Art texture 
sand paste on.
I left the numbers untextured and coated it all in a coat of Paynes Grey
and Raw Umber Deco art media acrylics,
Once the crackle paint on the box had dried and crackled I applied
very watery washes of Prussian Blue Hue till I was happy 
with the colour.
A further wash of Andy Skinner's dirty wash was applied over the top.
I set the rusty clock on a background of a circle and painted it with
Tourquoise and covering in Deco art Liquid glass.
Inside the box I used about 5 different techniques one would
develop into the next then the next till I was happy 
with the result.
You can just make out the stamps that are used on the base of the
box prior to being painted with crackle paint.
Prussian blue hue was spritzed and run down the sides.
It was all finished off with treasure gold. I hope you have 
all been inspired to join us this month
the challenge is anything goes.

That's it for this month from Sandee & Amelie's
steam punk Challenges.
Cheers Dee x

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Triple Embossing with Dee

Triple Embossing with Dee


1. Swipe your substrate/card with embossing ink then pour your chosen powders over the area.
2. Tip the remaining embossing powder back into its pot & heat set your embossing powder with your hot air gun until melted.
3. Follow the above steps with chunky clear or ultra thick embossing powder.
4. Follow the above steps again with your base colour this will be your final layer of embossing powder.
5. Ideally you will have picked out your stamp that you want to emboss with and will have inked it up with a pigment ink pad I tend to use versa fine.
6. For this step you need to heat the embossing powder until it is molten you will be able to see this and working quickly press your inked stamp into the molten embossing powder & allow to cool prior to peeling your stamp off.

7. If working on a substrate it might be best to paint it or colour it with your chosen medium.

As promised Cheers Dee x

Monday, 4 April 2016

Distress Elephant.

Hi everyone I hope you are well I have a sneak peek for you on
my latest post over at the Artistic Stamper.
Why not pop over to the blog and see how I made this card.
Thats all for today folks hope you like my card please
feel free to let me know what you think.
Cheers Dee x

Friday, 1 April 2016

AS Distress challenge

Hi everyone Dee here with my latest post over at the Artistic
Stamper for this months Challenge Distress.
So with this in mind I used some of The Artistic stampers
 new stamps and a old background Stamp.

I seem to be having a problem with centralising my 
words. I used the distress splatter tool.
It all looked to pale for me so I sprayed with vintage photo
distress stain spray.
A little triple embossing and a sprinkle of white embossing 
Distress marker in spiced Margold was
used to colour in the flowers.
That's it folks.
cheers Dee