A mixed media piece

A mixed media piece

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saturday Afternoon's play

Hi everyone had a play yesterday afternoon after coming back
from Ministry of Mixology and had a lovely time
using Kate's technique's.
 I was very lucky to do the running in her class on the Sunday
so listened very carefully and hoped that my mind would 
behave and remember how she created her
note book.
I must add that in itself is no mean feat as my family say I 
have a memory of a goldfish "How Rude" I alway's think
 while secretly agreeing with them.
 But luckily while waiting for my train home from Coventry 
I jotted down the steps.
 Kate gave me a page from the notebook that she had been demonstrating 
to the class for me to refer to how lucky am I.
So now I have A Any Skinner original and a Kate Crane original 
in my art room.
Well that's it for today hope you like my efforts I think it might
 be a bit busy but I like it anyway and loved the creative
 process it is very therapeutic.
Cheers Dee x


DeBe said...

Looks fabulous Dee! Since the class last Sunday I have also been struck by, "All things Kate!" and can't enough of colour and doodling :) Denyse xxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

So love this page, fabulous detail and gorgeous colours. Happy crafting, Angela x